Mary Fant

I first encountered poker in 2009. I decided to work in parallel with my studies and got a job at a poker club as a dealer. And then I finished my journalism studies in Poznań and acquired an exotic mix of knowledge: poker and journalism.

In my opinion, anyone can play poker, but not everyone can win. To play at a high level you need to have a mentality suited to the game, but there are players who outperform those who had it easier right from the start because of their willingness to learn and work on themselves.

At the table, the most interesting thing is always the dialogue between the players. Especially when you are the only girl. I often encounter prejudices during tournaments, but it only motivates and recharges me. If you are a girl and want to pursue your career as a professional poker player, don’t expect it to be easy and simple. But be prepared for a very bright and extraordinary life and for the fact that you will never run out of male attention.

Poker is not just a game, it is a whole new experience that is hard to live without. It’s perfectionism, discipline and communication skills. Perhaps the most important thing is discipline. I still have a complicated relationship with her, both in life and in the game.

Now I am going back to my old journalistic experience. Mastering the online casino and writing about my experiences in reviews. I hope you will like it!